Wednesday, October 12, 2016

XCOM 2 AAR - Technical difficulties

Well, this is embarrassing. The recording for my previous session recorded only the audio, neglecting to do any of the video. While I try to take pictures as I play to make things easier, a number of good shots are ones I miss, and so rely on the recording to get many of them. As well, remember who shot what is difficult, so you'll have to forgive me on missing out on the kill counts. Rather than make a traditional narrated one, I'll just do the highlights:

  • Yea, there are a lot of injuries. 

  • New soldier: 
  • Potassium is next in line, but I wanted a specialist first, so she was busy training when the mission came up. Galleblaere requested the heavy class, so best to give him the opportunity to chance into it. (Side note: gender is easy to change, so if I've gotten the wrong one, let me know. I default to the soldier's default gender)'
  • We finished psionics research, along with researching tier 2 GREMLINS. Construction underway for the new psionics lab
  • First mission involves destroying an AVATAR site, removing two "blocks"
  • No one died, few injuries. Susanne blew up a car with her rocket launcher, killing three enemies and earning me an achievement.
  • Galleblaere did, in fact, random into the grenadier class as hoped.
  • Second mission was a guerrilla ops mission. Potassium still in training. Received a scientist and stopped supply drop from being halved.
  • Highlights from the mission: Susanne blew up another car and killed more soldiers in a fiery explosion. Galleblaere grenaded a mec, dropping it down a story. Which doesn't do any damage, surprisingly.
  • New acid grenade. Shreds 2 armor instead of 1, does ticking damage afterwards. Viper was autopsied, leading to new proving grounds research for enhanced healing.
  • Potassium finishes training: 

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