Thursday, October 6, 2016

XCOM 2 AAR - Retaliation

ADVENT struck hard at the resistance camp. Flying in you can already see the death and destruction as fires ravage the area and screams ring out from the darkness. Smoke is everywhere. It's not a pretty sight at all.

To the north is a pair of soldiers, separated from the main group. Not expecting anything in the way of resistance from the resistance, they're unprepared for us and Lovenought and Culise quickly gun them down.

Shots ring out to the northwest, clearly indicating that there's at least one sectoid in the area.  The group repositions to take them on, working quickly to try and save as many people as possible. Culise gets the first spot. The usual sectoid plus accompanying soldier. They duck into cover, when something very unexpected happens.

The civilian near to Gaius transforms into an alien monstrosity. The aliens concentrate on Gaius, with the sectoid attacking her mind, disorienting her, and the giant monstrosity attacking her with its large claws. Luckily for us, Gaius's jedi reflexes still work and he manages to dodge the deadly blow.

Gaius's situation is still grim, to say the least. Scrambling away to low cover, she manages a close-range shotgun shot into the beast. Even with the carnage, the beast stays up. Lovenought is less fortunate in his aim, missing the hulking beast. Culise, unable to target the beast from his position above, lobs a grenade down, killing the beast and setting the car's tanks on fire. Health moves up and attempts a pistol shot on the soldier, but misses.

The soldier flees the burning vehicle, climbing up to the ladder and firing on Culise from his flank, wounding him dearly. As seems typical for grenadiers, he responded to the pain with a grenade, killing the soldier and nearly dropping the ceiling down on Gaius. The sectoid, using his large and advanced alien brain, had hunkered down behind the exploding car and resurrected a fallen soldier. The car predictably explodes, leaving it injured but still moving. Lovenought manages the shot and finishes it off.

One final group remains. A final sectoid and a soldier. Health, tired of missing, lobs a grenade on the soldier. Gaius recovers from her disorientation, and does a final dash with a leaping cut to kill the sectoid in a single blow.

The aliens killed, we head home. The resistance group pledges to rebuild and send back more resources when they can, assured that XCOM truly is their last hope for Humanity.

The doc finishes research on resistance comms, giving us the opportunity to build land-bound relays and a building inside the avenger to increase the number of regions we can access. Concerned about the shapeshifter and other foes, his next line of research focuses on examining the corpses we've collected for him.

The examination of the "Faceless" yields minor insight into their capabilities, but does let us construct mimic grenades that can serve as decoys for our troops.

The ADVENT officer is similar in capability to the regular troops, but has additional mental faculties making him a much more dangerous opponent. His implant is also curious. We can't get the proper information we need from the dead corpse, leading to the doc suggesting live capture. Oh. Joy.

In brighter news we make contact with a resistance cell in western North America. Along with pledged supplies, they offered up some much needed information on the black site in their area. With that information we'll be able to soon assault the area.

And soon it will have to be. Another message from our mysterious friend, this time about the "Avatar" project. No real data to be had on what it is, but we do know some tidbits. Enough to realize that it likely means doom for Humanity if we don't stop it in time. And that this black site we've been looking at is likely connected. Time again for the squad to earn their pay.

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