Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kerbal Space Program AAR, Polar Orbit

Everyone had returned safe and sound from the last mission, but you wouldn't think that if you looked at Capt. Kiwi. The new pilot walked around the compound dejectedly, as he knew that he would never fly again. Rockets did not agree with him, and no matter how irrational it was, he knew that the specter of death waited for him should he set foot on another rocket.

In an effort to change things, I paid out for improvements to our Kerbonaut facility.

Along with more conveniences such as a free Mountain Dew dispenser, it came with free flags and a kerbonaut bravery course. Now our kerbonauts would be brave enough to venture outside the vessels anytime, instead of only when landed. Caution was still advised, and it was hoped that no kerbonaut would do something too foolish.

Alas, the new bravery course was not enough for Capt. Kiwi, as he still could not stand to enter a rocket. Given his previous accomplishments, we allowed him to stay on the facility until he decided to go home. Though my head researched did leave in a hurry after hearing of the sad tale. How nice of him to comfort poor Capt. Kiwi.

Work must still be done though, and I arranged for two new contracts:
A VIP from Flooyd Dynamics Research Labs had chartered an entire flight for herself, and looking for something different from the past orbits to boot. Along with her, we were to bring our scientist Mant "123" up to take observations of different biomes on Kerbin's surface while outside the rocket. Apparently the glass got too damaged getting into orbit to be of any use.

Ms. Health, Mant "123", and Stelliana all boarded the rocket:

This version slightly modified. The fragile science lab put above the cockpit, and an extra fuel container added to ensure a less optimal orbit could be achieved. Today, Ms. Health would be aiming for the first polar orbit. Instead of boosting straight east like we had for our equatorial orbits, she would instead boost straight south. We wouldn't gain the extra boost from thrusting against the orbit, but the view should be worth it.

The launch goes off without a problem, and the craft soon finds itself winging towards the south pole. By going in such an orbit, they'd be over every point on Kerbin, given enough orbits. This way, we could make sure to get accurate observations of every biome around the planet.

And boy are the images worth it.
The first EVA, with the sun coming around the planet
Rounding the south pole
Even the mountains look small from up here
The craft is coming around, attempting a landing up on the north pole. Seems like we'll miss the mark by just a hair, but the landing should be perfectly safe. Suddenly, Mant yells out "Hey, watch this!" and exits the vehicle as the craft hits the 50km mark.

The atmosphere is still thin enough that she won't be torn away instantly, but it's hardly a safe place to be. "Look Ma, no hands!"

Talk about a red bottom. She quickly gets back inside, and the rest of the voyage went without a hitch. Seems like those bravery courses were a tad too good.

Everyone was brought back, and just before they all arrived, my head researched came to me with a curious invention...

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