Monday, November 30, 2015

Kerbal Space Program AAR, More Contracts

There was still more work to be done and more money to be made. Next up were two contracts that were easy and lucrative enough, but required a scientist.

 Our original scientist still being on strike, we'd have to hire a new one. I called up one of the applicants, one Mant Kerman. Upon arrival, I asked her to give an example of why she would make for a good scientist, to impress me with his intelligence. She started counting. Good enough for me! Though it did earn her the nickname "123".
Her first task is to test the heat shield we've used before. I'm not really sure why it still needs testing, on the launchpad no less. Yet, if they want to pay for it, I'll do it.
Predictably, nothing much happened, aside from the funds being quickly wired over. Easy money. Next, we need her to examine some wreckage that was spotted on Capt. Kiwi's last mission.
Hopping out of the pod, she begins her journey. Running across the ground, she covers a surprising distance to collect the three pieces of wreckage we need. Thirty minutes later and almost 3500 meters later, she grabs the last piece of wreckage. She's promptly brought back in a gardener's car. In retrospect, it may have been smart to send her out in the car in the first place.

As she returned to the compound, Ms. Health also returned from her fundraising campaign. With her comes a more prestigious contract: take two civilian tourists out into orbit. To go with that, I grab another contract to grab some Science! data from space around Kerbin. Might as well while we're up there anyway.
Ms. Health suits up in our newest Rocket, the Spacer 3, along with our two tourists, Kurt and Theomy Kerman.
Getting into orbit is almost routine by now, and we're quickly in space. The tourists are appropriately impressed with the sights and microgravity.
They circle Kerbal twice, making sure they get their money's worth before coming down. Coming down is much more interesting than going up.
Initially, they heartily enjoy the sights as we fall towards Kerbal. Then the leftover bits from our stack decoupler start exploding from the heat, and they start to panic a little. While Ms. Health expertly pilots the craft down, we work to reassure them that all is well, which is made more difficult as the craft rapidly decelerates. But, all is well, and the craft finds itself floating gently over the highlands.
The craft lands safely, 1657 meters above sea level, where it is retrieved by our expert reclamation team.
Why high up in the mountains you ask? Jebediah died splashing down. Capt. Kiwi narrowly survived splashing down in the water. We wanted to be absolutely safe with our first tourist mission, so best to land as far away from the water as possible. It makes perfect sense.

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