Sunday, June 12, 2016

Factoring for the future in Factorio

We have factories and I've set up a little bit of a factory to produce the items I think I'll need for the near future. I'm going to want a small bit of science, but I also really want all those belts for what I'm going to do next. It's time to setup for mass-production.

Radar for the ground
One of the survival recipes you start with is for radar installations. Each consumes a large chunk of electricity, and will provide continuous vision for a decent chunk around it, similar to what your suit does normally. In addition, it will slowly scan chunks at long distance that are revealed for a short period of time. I'll use this for an easy way to explore the surrounding area. Even seeing things is automated!

The red tint implies pollution. The more the better
Here's a closeup view of the map. We crash-landed in what is best described as a swamp, with a good amount of resources nearby. To the left of that lank is where I'll begin placing down the foundations for mass-production, as I want a large area devoid of other features that might get in the way of my grand plan. For now, raw resources from the east will go through the small opening between the water, where it'll be refined, before being further moved to become finished goods.

Easiest way to measure size is to place things down
Bare bones infrastructure of the furnace area. Two lines of 15 furnaces, on the outside ore will come up, while in the direct middle lies a belt for the finished plates. Another line on the inside will bring up coal to power them. Simple yet effective, once I get it running. Alas, I require more technology to really get it working. That'll wait until I have turrets finished.

See? Told you they were ugly
The biter problem is getting worse. Now they come two at a time, eager for blood or smashed metal. Sadly for me, the super-suit comes with a distant lack of protection. Nanites? Check. Water and nutrient creation? Check. Power generation? Check. Superstrength? Check. Armor? Too expensive. Luckily for me, I have some beginning plans for suitable protection. It's this amazing thing that involves draping myself in iron. New invention, only had it for some thousands of years. Go to space and use nanites to boil water and make iron armor.

Thinking back, I should have had some connection between the turret and the chest
I build my first automatic turret along with a single factory to produce ammunition, as my survival supplies weren't intended for automatic weaponry. As long as I make sure to remember that I have only near-infinite ammo, I should be fine in the future. No one around, infinite ammo, fully automatic weaponry, and live targets? I'm really starting to like this place.

Annoyingly, circuit and wire factories come in a 3:2 ratio, so I can't keep everything in line
Let me explain what I'm setting up here. Each line in the middle between the furnaces and the factories will carry some good that is produced elsewhere. One line will be copper plates, another iron, etc. On the left side will be assembly plants, that will produce finished goods that are either left in a chest, or transported along. Wherever possible intermediate goods are made along the same line, like with copper wire. I'll leave some space between each line for...shenanigans. This setup isn't the most efficient, but it's simple and easy to modify.

I also made a shotgun. I'm a simple guy, with simple tastes.

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