Thursday, January 8, 2015


So, someone suggested that I should build a blog for this game idea thing of mine, and here it is. My wonderful new blog. Onward ho!

The game is a Dwarf Fortress-esque (or Minecraft-esque if you've never heard of Dwarf Fortress) space colonization game set in the near future, one where we've discovered a way to travel to distant stars.  You head the multinational agency (titled SEAC, Space Exploration and Colonization) setup by all the major powers of the world tasked with exploring the new boundaries and establishing colonies on other planets. You're given all the resources you'd expect such a large multinational agency to get: enough to get started. Maybe.

The standard game involves the player starting with very little, and going from there to construct a colonial empire spanning many star systems.  The player will extract resources from asteroid belts and the planets/colonies to build the ships, stations, and colonial infrastructure needed for the empire. Construction, development, and logistics are the main focuses of the game, with space combat being an additional fun bit.

My idea for this game originally used the term "4x grand strategy game" because the genre of the games I pulled lot of my inspiration from.  But later I realized that inherent in that genre was a sense of competition.  The classic Civilization game, for example, is you against a group of other players each with their own civilization all stuck together in a single arena the size of the world.

However that was never an entirely accurate description of the game.  The focus was never on competition with the other entities you'll encounter, but instead on building your own empire that would have points of contention with them.  Hence why I've switched the genre to one where there is no explicit win condition nor focus on winning and where only losing is possible.  The player sets his own goals that he wishes to go for; a sandbox where you can build as you wish, but there's always someone around wanting to knock it down that you have to defend against.

Well, hopefully that's enough for now.  I'll have more posts in the future to focus on each section, along with the occasional personal post. Thank you for coming to the blog, and hope to see you again.

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